Help Green Turtles, Save Our Future! 援救綠海龜,挽救我們的未來!


已籌得款項:HK$1,300  /  HK$2,000
倒數結束 4個月


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Dearest and kindest people, I am Changning, a 4.5-year-old living in Hong Kong. My favourite toy is a mommy turtle, the most lovely green sea turtle, who has been with me since I was born. When I knew global green sea turtle populations had declined, I felt unfortunate and sorry for them. That is because they become entangled in fishing gear, mistakenly eat plastic or other trash for food, lose their nesting habitat to environmental change, and have been killed by hunting and poaching. I want to help the green sea turtles sincerely, just like they and other nature help maintain a sustainable and well-balanced living environment for us human beings. I would appreciate your hands to save their lives that will set a good example and trend to protect our future!!!


Lucia   2023-09-16

La humanidad está cruzando unos límites planetarios críticos rápidamente. Esto amenaza a las poblaciones de tortugas marinas, sus ecosistemas y en última instancia, al “espacio operativo seguro” para la existencia humana.

YX   2023-09-16


Jane   2023-09-16

Well done boy! Be hopeful!

Ella   2023-09-07


Jenny   2023-08-31


Fran   2023-08-30

Every day allows us to be kind. I hope you will be blessed too.

ESPERANZA   2023-08-30

I love the solution you came up with. Keep on doing it, Changning!

JC   2023-08-30

A good project! Come on boy!