Raphael’s Birthday - A Splash for Ocean Conservation!




  • Sun 已捐款 HK$1,000
  • Yingkai 已捐款 HK$300
  • Sebastian 已捐款 HK$500
  • Lexi 已捐款 HK$300
  • Jieyi 已捐款 HK$500
  • Samantha 已捐款 HK$500
  • Grace 已捐款 HK$500
  • Aiden 已捐款 HK$500
  • Siu 已捐款 HK$500
  • Alexis 已捐款 HK$500
  • Chong 已捐款 HK$500
  • Vivien 已捐款 HK$500
  • Wan Ting 已捐款 HK$500
  • 匿名 已捐款 HK$500
In lieu of gifts, Raphael would ask for your help in giving back to his favourite cause - ocean and marine preservation (mostly for sharks!)
Raphael is tremendously blessed with an abundance of friendship and presents and we wish to spread more love to the nature and its conservation. A contribution would be most appreciated in lieu of a gift.


Sun   2023-05-04

Well done Raphi. The ocean needs more people like you.

Sebastian   2023-04-15

Happy 6th b day Ralphi !

Lexi   2023-04-15

HAPPY 6TH Birthday !

Jieyi   2023-04-15

Happy birthday Raphi!

Grace   2023-04-15

Happy birthday Raphi! Have a blast !!

Aiden   2023-04-14

Happy birthday raphi I love dolphins

Siu   2023-04-12

Happy Birthday Raphi!

Alexis   2023-04-12

Dear Raphi, happy birthday!
:From Alexis

Chong   2023-04-11

Happy birthday Raphi, so proud of you for your big heart!

Vivien   2023-04-11

Happy to support your wish to conserve oir ocean

Wan Ting   2023-04-11

Happy Birthday Raphi!