Keira Cheung is turning 4!



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Keira is about to turn four and has grown wise enough to recognize that there are underprivileged people and animals in the world who are in need of our assistance. That's why, this year, we have decided to transform the majority of her birthday gifts into a donation for a charity of her choice - WWF. This decision is all the more fitting because Keira has always demonstrated passion and affection for animals, just like her parents!

For her upcoming birthday bash, we humbly request that, instead of bringing Keira charming presents, please help us in our fundraising for WWF. Our goals for this fundraising campaign are:

- To aid the otters in Mai Po Hong Kong
- To support the anti-poaching patrols in Asia

With your generous donations, Keira's fourth birthday is sure to become an unforgettable and meaningful event that will make a real difference in the lives of those in need.


Keira 即將四歲,已經足夠知識認識到世界上有貧困的人和動物需要我們的幫助。因此,今年我們決定將她的大部分生日禮物轉換為捐贈給她選擇的慈善機構 - 世界自然基金會 (WWF)。我們覺得這個選擇很合適,因為Keira一直十分喜歡和愛護不同的動物!


- 幫助香港米埔的水獺
- 支援亞洲的反偷獵巡邏


Donor messages

Lei   2023-07-27

Keira Happy Birthday

Heidi   2023-07-25

Happy birthday Keira

Ka Yan   2023-07-24

Happy Birthday to Keira! Wish you a happy and unforgettable birthday!

Cheuk Kiu

Ching Yi   2023-07-22

Happy birthday to Keira! We’re happy to join you in achieving a good cause :)

From the Sham’s family with yinyin tonton

Wing Yu   2023-07-22


Yan Ting   2023-07-21

Happy birthday to the sweetest Keria! Hearing you laugh with glee and seeing a big beautiful smile on your face is the best gift ever!

I’m wishing you the very best future and I hope you continue to grow so perfectly! :)

NG Cheuk Wing

Raphael   2023-07-21

Happy birthday Keira! May the Lord bless you with all the good things in life and keep you on the right path.

Pauline   2023-07-20


Winnie   2023-07-19

Happy birthday Keira! Very kind and thoughtful of you to the animals!

Uncle Shang & Aunty Winnie

Hau Man   2023-07-19

Happy birthday!!
Wish you all the best
From Lucas Chan

Bernice   2023-07-11

Happy Meaningful 4th to Keira! :)