Julian's Birthday

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  • Camille has donated HK$200
  • Anonymous has donated HK$200
  • Venus has donated HK$200
  • Wing Sze has donated HK$100
  • Hoi Kwan has donated HK$100
Julian is wishing for a special birthday and share his love for animals. The money raised will go to the conservation and protection of endangered species. Thank you for making Julian's wish come true!

Donor messages

Camille   2023-05-10

Happy Birthday juju.
From Uncle Kelvin and Auntie Camille

Wai Pang   2023-05-09

Happy Birthday Julian - From Andrew CHONG

Venus   2023-04-19

Happy Birthday to Juju

Wing Sze   2023-04-19

Happy birthday Juju! :)

Hoi Kwan   2023-04-19

Happy birthday Juju😍